Predictive maintenance with AI

Get the most out of your production tool with ideindus

Optimize your operations

The benefits of ideindus to maximize your results


Anticipate part replacements

Ensure uninterrupted productivity by running your machines with minimal downtime thanks to ideindus predictive maintenance.


Reduce interruptions

Maintain constant production and ensure customer satisfaction by avoiding unexpected downtime with our cutting-edge solution.


Maximize your machine investments

Ensure optimal amortization by optimizing the use of your machines. Manage your finances with better management of your equipment and spare parts.


An eco-responsible approach

Reduce your ecological footprint by optimizing the use of spare parts for longer usage, thus contributing to a more sustainable future.


Less stress

Provide peace of mind to your maintenance team by eliminating stress associated with unforeseen breakdowns through our proactive solution.


Boost your ROI

With AI, forecast the future state of your machines and ensure your return on investment with optimal production and reduced maintenance costs.

Discover our different modules

ideindus consists of various modules for the implementation and optimization of predictive maintenance

Anomaly Detection

Detect the presence of a machine anomaly from the earliest signs! Identify the component causing the anomaly and limit premature wear or costs associated with fault finding.


Diagnose your machines and more easily identify the faulty component. This feature saves you valuable time during maintenance operations.

Causes of Failures

Following diagnosis, our module analyzes the reasons for the component failure. It could be due to a mispositioned tool or, for example, excessive rotation frequency. You can thus improve the use of your machines to reduce breakdowns.


Prognosis allows you to estimate the remaining useful life (RUL) of components, optimizing your maintenance operations by performing them at opportune times. Be as precise as possible; this lifespan is estimated based on the current use of your machines.

Machine performance

This module provides you with a set of metrics to help improve machine performance. Whether it’s usage time, the number of avoided breakdowns, or ROI, maximize your investments and machine operations.

Cross-machine analysis

This module enhances machine understanding by comparing the status of similar machines. Thanks to AI, receive statistics and data allowing you to delve deeper into managing your fleet’s productivity.

Cutting-edge on-demand service

Our acquisition devices rely on a SaaS solution, with multiple possible architectures

Edge computing

In Edge computing mode, the data collected by our acquisition devices are processed as close to your machines as possible. Benefit from real-time processing and reduce the distance between data generation and utilization.

Highly secure, you choose the data transmitted to the SaaS solution based on their sensitivity.

Ideal for a small number of sites and highly sensitive data.

Cloud computing

In Cloud Computing mode, there are no limits to the amount of data or computing power. No on-site computing installation, our acquisition devices transmit data to the cloud.

Utilize and pool data from multiple sites with Big Data and maximize your data usage.

Cloud computing is ideal if you have multiple geographically distant sites and want to centralize your data.

Solution SaaS

Harness the power of AI and predictive maintenance with our secure SaaS solution. Leveraging data from your machines, our predictive models provide accurate diagnostics and reliable prognostics on the condition and usage of your machines. All parameters are taken into account, from component changes to the natural aging of your machines, including the processing of unprecedented failure cases.

Interface your business applications via our API for transparent integration into your business processes. Comprehensive, clear, and precise reports are accessible via an ergonomic GUI, allowing you to visualize your entire fleet.

Example of an installation at a customer site with several locations, each equipped with an edge computing server.

The stages of predictive maintenance

various stages accompany the implementation of predictive maintenance within your company

image showcasing the steps of predictive maintenance

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